CashLink Resources - International Wire FAQs

CashLink Resources contains frequently asked questions and important information regarding Foreign Currency (FX) or Foreign USD payments (no US Correspondents).

Please Note: The purpose of payment is required on every international wire.

Is there a guide or instructions for International Wire Transfers?

A Wire Input Guide is available within CashLink under "Quick Reference Guides."

Who can I contact with questions about payments?

Stop into your local branch or call the International Department at 877.324.1550, option 3.

In which currencies can international wires be sent?

For our currency availability list, click here.

What are the types of International Wires in CashLink?

  • RFC (Repetitive Foreign Currency): The wire is setup as a template. The only fields that may be changed when using the template to send the wire is the amount and the value date.
  • SFC (Semi-Repetitive Foreign Currency): The wire is setup as a template. In addition to the amount and value date fields, the OBI (other beneficiary information) field may be changed.
  • NFC (Non-Repetitive Foreign Currency): The wire is free-form (no template). All fields are manually entered when preparing the wire to be queued up.

International Wire Fees

  • Service fees apply for all international wires (regardless of sending currency).
  • All outgoing international wire fees are able to be included in account analysis charges.
    • Businesses not on account analysis: all international wire fees will be charged around the 15th of the following month.
    • Individuals not on account analysis: all international wires will be charged at the time of the transaction.
  • All incoming international wire fees are charged at the time of the transaction.

Where can I obtain an exchange rate and contract number?

  • If the payment is under US Dollars $15,000 value:
    • Use the rates that are pre-filled in CashLink.
    • No contract number is needed.
  • If the payment is at or above US Dollars $15,000 value:
    • Please call 866.280.1373 for an exchange rate and contract number.
  • If you would like to send a payment in a currency that is not listed on CashLink:
    • Please call 866.280.1373 for details.

Please Note: No contract number is needed for wires being sent in US Dollars.

What should be entered in the “Receiver Bank” fields?

In the receiving bank field, please enter Lafayette Ambassador Bank

Is the beneficiary address field required?

Yes, the payment cannot be sent without a complete beneficiary address.

What is a SWIFT Code?

  • “SWIFT” is the acronym for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication” which is the International Banking Software System banks utilize to communicate and send funds transfers.
  • This code allows the Receiving Bank to be identified in that system. SWIFT Codes are either 8 or 11 characters long and are a mix of letters and numbers.
  • A SWIFT Code are also referred to as “BIC” codes
  • This code is required to send an international wire.

What is an IBAN?

  • “IBAN” is the acronym for “International Bank Account Number.”
  • Number is required for all wires that are being sent to European nations and some other countries (regardless of the currency used).
  • The IBAN should begin with two letters that represent the country and be followed by a string of numbers and/or letters (Ex. GB26NWBK60161331926819).
  • You will notice that the beneficiary’s bank codes (if any are provided) and account numbers are at the end of the IBAN.
  • For a list of the countries requiring IBANs, click here.

What if the wire is going to a high-risk country?

  • Purpose of payment is required (included in special instructions section)
  • Payments may require additional processing time.

What do I do if I released an international wire, but the status is staying on “Released” and not showing “Acknowledged” or “Completed”?

  • International Wires do not change status after being released.
  • Only domestic wires show “Acknowledged” or “Completed”.

The information on the form is wrong and I want to recall the funds. What can I do?

We offer a number of services to help investigate problems with wires. In particular, we can send the messages below via SWIFT to the beneficiary banks, based on the needs of the investigation. For investigations, please contact Tarah Sweigart at 717. 735.8548 or Zarah Martin at 717.291.2671.

  • Tracer – Sent to trace the outcome of a wire. This is often sent for wires where the beneficiary claims non-receipt of funds. Fees apply for this service.
  • Amendment – Sent to change or correct details in the wire that would affect payment. This is often sent when a name or account number needs changed to match the correct beneficiary account details. Fees apply for this service.
  • Recall – Sent to request funds be returned to the originating customer. This is often sent when a customer overpays or decides to cancel the wire request. Fees apply for this service.

I'm locked out of my account or having issues with a token device. Who can I call?

  • Account Lock Out -
    • All sub-users must be unlocked by their CashLink Administrator.
    • If the Administrator is locked out, please contact Cash Management Customer Support at 866.943-8739.
  • Token Device Issues -
    • Please contact Cash Management Customer Support at 866.943-8739.